George O'Malley

Portrayed by T.R. Knight

Episode Count
First Appearance
"A Hard Day's Night"
Grey's Anatomy, 1x01
Last Appearance
"Now Or Never"
Grey's Anatomy, 5x24
George O'Malley
Georgie, 007, Bambi, Fetus
Physician, Surgical Resident
Deceased (bus accident)
Family Members
Harold O'Malley - Father
Louise O'Malley - Mother
Jerry O'Malley - Brother
Ronny O'Malley - Brother
Callie Torres - Ex-Wife
Dr. George O'Malley was a former surgical resident at Seattle Grace Hospital who was later mentored in trauma medicine by Owen Hunt. He is the son of Harold O'Malley and Louise O'Malley, Nicknamed 007 by Alex Karev, O' Malley was later mentored in trauma medicine by Owen Hunt.

Character HistoryEdit

George is the most quiet and polite between the three O'Malley's boys. He broke the nose of one boy who teased him.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 1Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 2Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 3Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 4Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 5Edit

After DeathEdit

George died after saving a young woman from being hit by a bus.


Romantic LifeEdit

George had a crush on Meredith from the start, and ends up hooking up with her later even though he knows it's against both of their best interest. George starts dating Callie Torres and eventually marries her, however, the marriage lasts only a few months due to his love for Izzie Stevens.


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