Heather Brooks

Portrayed by Tina Majorino

Episode Count
First Appearance
"Going, Going, Gone"
Grey's Anatomy, 9x01
Last Appearance
"I Want You With Me"
Grey's Anatomy, 10x02
Heather Brooks
Family Members
Dr. Heather Brooks was a surgical intern at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

Character HistoryEdit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 9Edit


Heather finds herself caught between Meredith and Derek as they search for a donor. ("Love Turns You Upside Down")

Heather began her internship at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital alongside other members of her intern class, including Jo, Shane, Stephanie, and Leah. Early into her intern year, like many others in her class, she sleeps with attending Alex Karev.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 10Edit

Heather went to the generator room looking for Webber and was electrocuted. Despite surgeries performed by Derek, Heather passed away.


Patricia Ortega of El Paso Tx

Her parents had a messy divorce when she was young.

Romantic LifeEdit

She had a brief sexual relationship with Alex Karev, which she blamed on her lack of social skills.


Dr. Brooks was an intern in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital since in season nine and the beginning of season ten. Derek Shepherd believed she would have done well in neurology due to the fact that she had fast hands.

Dr. Brooks was known to help out the needy under the table. This is learned in "Thriller" when Dr. Ross believed he was seeing a witch who was teasing him for indirectly causing Heather's death during the season nine finale "Perfect Storm". It was found that the "witch" was a homeless woman with asthma. Dr. Ross helps the homeless women under the table, giving her asthma medication. It is suggested that he begins to follow in the late Heather Brooks path.


She passed away trying to look for Dr. Webber. She was electrocuted.