Jackson Avery

Portrayed by Jesse Williams

Episode Count
First Appearance
Grey's Anatomy, 6x05
Last Appearance
Grey's Anatomy, 12x02
Jackson Avery
The Ritz-Carlton of Surgery, Tweedledum, Plastics Posse, Pretty boy
Family Members
Catherine Avery - Mother
Harper Avery - Grandfather
April Kepner - Ex-Wife
Samuel Avery - Son
Dr. Jackson Avery is a surgical fellow, specializing in plastic surgery, at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Character HistoryEdit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 6Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 7Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 8Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 9Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 10Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 11Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 12

Grey's Anatomy, Season 13

Grey's Anatomy, Season14

Grey's Anatomy, Season 15

Relationships- Edit

April Kepner - Divorced

Maggie Pierce - Girlfriend


Dr. Jackson Avery is an attending plastic surgeon, learning under Mark Sloan, the former "Head of Plastic Surgery". Then once Mark passed away in the very beginning of Season 9, after the fatal plane crash, Jackson had to use his knowledge and tactics from Mark in order to effectively work in the hospital. After the feud between Pegasus and the plane crash survivors, the Harper Avery foundation help fund the purchase of the hospital. In order to save the hospital from being liquidated, Jackson's mother, Catherine Avery (chairman of the Harper Avery foundation), placed Jackson on the Board of Directors, of the new Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


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