Jake Reilly

Portrayed by Benjamin Bratt

Episode Count
First Appearance
"To Change The Things I Can"
Private Practice, 4x22
Last Appearance
"In Which We Say Goodbye"
Private Practice, 6x13
Jacob Miguel Reilly
Family Members
Lily Reilly - Ex-Wife

Addison Montgomery - wife
Henry Montgomery - stepson

Angela Reilly - adoptive daughter
Dr. Jacob "Jake" Miguel Reilly is the resident fertility specialist at Oceanside Wellness

Character HistoryEdit

Private Practice, Season 4Edit

Private Practice, Season 5Edit

Private Practice, Season 6Edit



Jake was divorced before his appearance on the show. His wife had some problems with drugs which fueled the divorce. He also has a daughter in college who graduated from med school.

Romantic LifeEdit

Before the show he had been married to a drug addict. He tried in many ways to help her, even once beating up a drug addict, however her addiction proved to strong and she died of what is preassumed an overdose. He meets Addison in a grocery store and the two casually begin to see each other in a coffee store where they just talk without introducing themselves or talking about work. After agreeing to go on a trip together Addison realizes that she is just avoiding her problems with Sam and stands Jake up at the airport. After finally learning each others names, Jake begins working at the practice. The two strike up a romantic meaningful relationship and become engaged in Season 6. At the end of Season 6, Addison and Jake marry in the finale.