Private Practice, Season 2
Season No.
October 1, 2008- April 30, 2009
No. Of Episodes
8.91 million (season average)
DVD Release
September 15, 2009
Season Two of Private Practice initally aired on October 1, 2008 with the premiere episode on ABC and ended on April 20, 2009 with the season finale. The season comprises of 22 episodes.


The first season saw the continuation of Addison's occupation at Oceanside Wellness alongside Naomi, Sam, Cooper, Pete, Dell and Violet

Plot PointsEdit


Principle CastEdit


The cast of season two.

The season featured 8 actors credited in a starring capacity. All of the first season cast members returned and were credited for the full season.

Season stars Walsh, Daly, McDonald, Adelstein, Strickland, Diggs and Brenneman appear in all 22 second season episodes.

Guest CastEdit

Additionally, as part of the February 2008 crossover, several Grey's Anatomy stars appeared in one episode of the second season. Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr., Eric Dane and Patrick Dempsey appeared as Alex, Bailey, Richard, Mark and Derek respectively in the episode "Ex-Life", alongside long-time Grey's Anatomy guest star Steven W. Bailey who acted as Joe. Conversely Walsh, McDonald and Diggs appeared as their characters during Grey's Anatomy, Season 5


A Family Thing

Episode number: 01
Original air date: October 1, 2008
Plot: Addison finds herself facing a crisis of conscience when a pregnant mother wants induce premature labor to save her other child and the situation arises conflict with Naomi and, in the fallout, Addison discovers that Naomi is concealing the practice's financial problems. Cooper's sexual relationship with Charlotte puts a strain on his friendship with Violet when she tries to work out what secret he's hiding from her while Pete continues to persue Addison.
Recurring characters: David Sutcliffe as Kevin Nelson


Equal And Opposite

Episode number: 02
Original air date: October 8, 2008
Plot: In the wake of Addison and Sam's hostile take over of the practice they doctors all look for additional clients and new income streams in order to bring Oceanside Wellness out of bankrupcy. Having being relived of her administrative duties, Naomi's relationships with Addison and Sam grow tense as she continues to socially ignore both of them while Violet's friendship with Cooper in on the brink of extinction as he continues to conceal his secret affair with Charlotte.
Recurring characters: None


Nothing To Talk About

Episode number: 03
Original air date: October 22, 2008
Plot: With the practice in disaray, Charlotte tries to lure Addison to St. Ambrose with promise of surgeries and Addison tries to recapture her love of surgery when she grows tired of no one talking to eachother at the office as her relationship with Kevin heats up. Sam questions his ability to save the practice from bankrupcy while Naomi grows irate when he tries to seek her advice after resuming their sexual relationship. Dell begins working at St. Ambrose and Violet disocvers her patient is scared of her own son.
Recurring characters: David Sutcliffe as Kevin Nelson


Past Tense

Episode number: 04
Original air date: October 29, 2008
Plot: In order to ensure the future of Oceanside Wellness, the doctors force Sam and Naomi to find a way to run the practice together but their solution pits the two against each other in an office election for leadership. Cooper's questional personal life catches up to his professional life when a patient's mother recognises him from the internet while Addison treats a young Afghan girl attempting to hide her past. The arrival of Pete's former Doctors Without Borders colleague, and old flame, Meg prompts the doctors to see a different side of him.
Recurring characters: Jayne Brook as Meg Porter and David Sutcliffe as Kevin Nelson


Let It Go

Episode number: 05
Original air date: November 5, 2008
Plot: After assuming leadership of the practice, Addison comes into conflict with Naomi and the rest of the doctors about promise they made to a patient before she joined Oceanside Wellness while she tries to find a way to save the practice. Sam and Naomi consider the future of their relationship when Maya begins to hope they are reuniting while Violet's college friend makes a request that challenges her as a doctor and a person. Charlotte and Cooper take a serious step forward in their relationship.
Recurring characters: Jayne Brook as Meg Porter, Geffri Maya as Maya Bennett and David Sutcliffe as Kevin Nelson


Serving Two Masters

Episode number: 06
Original air date: November 19, 2008
Plot: Addison treats two pregnant women who unknowingly share the same husband as her own trust issues begin to interfere with her relationship with Kevin while elderly man coping with his wife's Alzheimer's disease forces Sam and Naomi to look at their own relationship. Violet confronts Charlotte about her relationship with Cooper after she learns a secret Charlotte hasn't shared with her boyfriend as Dell introduces a very special woman in his life to his co-workers.
Recurring characters: David Sutcliffe as Kevin Nelson and Hailey Sole as Betsey Parker


Tempting Faith

Episode number: 07
Original air date: November 26, 2008
Plot: The arrival of Addison's older brother Archer gives Kevin an insight into Addison's world and, after Archer makes it clear that he thinks Addison is too good for Kevin, she is left trying to prove that they fit together. Meanwhile, Sam is disheartened when Naomi sleeps with Archer while treating a peadophile forces Violet and Dell to remember their own past victimizations. Meg returns to L.A for Pete while Cooper learns the truth about Charlotte's business venture.
Recurring characters: Grant Show as Archer Montgomery, Jayne Brook as Meg Porter, Geffri Maya as Maya Bennett and David Sutcliffe as Kevin Nelson


Crime And Punishment

Episode number: 08
Original air date: December 3, 2008
Plot: Violet is tested when a patient claims to have shot his wife in assisted suicide and she seeks Kevin's advice to try and deduce whether or not he is telling the truth about the circumstances of her death. Addison and Charlotte work together to save the life of a pregnant woman in a coma and her unborn child as Addison continues to tend to Kevin and Charlotte tries to make amends with Cooper. Meg stirs up emotions when she begins working out of the practice and performs Oceanside Wellness' first abortion.
Recurring characters: Brian Benben as Sheldon Wallace and Jayne Brook as Meg Porter, David Sutcliffe as Kevin Nelson


Know When To Fold

Episode number: 09
Original air date: December 10, 2008
Plot: Charlotte's rival practice Pacific Wellcare opens it's doors and the competition with Oceanside Wellness begins while Cooper begins to suspect that Charlotte may be pregnant. Addison is hurt when one of her patient goes to Pacific Wellcare for a second opinion bringing Addison into direct conflict with Wyatt, an arrogant oncologst. Violet has a date with Sheldon, the rival therapist, while Dell organizes an in-house adoption programme. Sam and Pete steal a patient from their rivals.
Recurring characters: Brian Benben as Sheldon Wallace, Jay Harrington as Wyatt Lockheart and David Sutcliffe as Kevin Nelson


Worlds Apart

Episode number: 10
Original air date: December 17, 2008
Plot: As Pacific Wellcare continues to siphon business away from the practice, Kevin begins to question the direction he and Addison are headed as a couple when her patient sheds light on the differences between them. Cooper treats a young diabetic boy with a mysterious past while Naomi debates whether or not to consult on a case with Charlotte and Wyatt. Pete's girlfriend, Meg, returns to L.A and notices a dramatic change in his relationship with Violet.
Recurring characters: Jayne Brook as Meg Porter, Jay Harrington as Wyatt Lockheart and David Sutcliffe as Kevin Nelson



Episode number: 11
Original air date: January 8, 2009
Plot: A measles outbreak forces Oceanside Wellness and Pacific Wellcare into a quarantine lockdown and Cooper struggles with a mother's refusal to immunise her child admist the chaos. Naomi urges Addison to work with Wyatt in order to save her patient and Pete and Violet debate taking their friends-with-benefits relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, Dell fights for sole custody of Betsey and Sam faces the health department.
Recurring characters: Brian Benben as Sheldon Wallace, Agnes Bruckner as Heather Parker and Jay Harrington as Wyatt Lockheart


Homeward Bound

Episode number: 12
Original air date: January 15, 2009
Plot: Addison and Kevin's struggling reunion fails to stop her emerging attraction to Wyatt while Naomi grows jealous when she worries that Maya prefers Sam's new girlfriend over her. Cooper bonds with Charlotte over a family emergency when he follows her home to Alamaba to help her deal with her father's death. Violet secretly dates both Pete and Sheldon at the same time.
Recurring characters: Brian Benben as Sheldon Wallace, Geffri Maya as Maya Bennett, Jay Harrington as Wyatt Lockheart and David Sutcliffe as Kevin Nelson


Nothing To Fear

Episode number: 13
Original air date: January 22, 2009
Plot: Violet discovers that she's pregnant and doesn't know who the father is after sleeping with both Sheldon and Pete while Addison deals with her guilt as she tries to keep her kiss with Wyatt a secret from an increasingly suspicous Kevin. After reuniting following their trip to Alamaba, Charlotte proposes to Cooper and Pete and Sam are asked by a friend to help him die.
Recurring characters: Brian Benben as Sheldon Wallace, Grant Show as Archer Montgomery and David Sutcliffe as Kevin Nelson


Second Chances

Episode number: 14
Original air date: January 29, 2009
Plot: Archer causes both personal and professional problems for Addison when he arrives in L.A are begins working for Pacific Wellcare, and creates conflict between Addison and Naomi when Addison learns they've resparked their romance. Cooper tries to get Violet to talk to both Sheldon and Pete about her pregnancy, while Charlotte refuses to speak to Cooper after turning down her proposal. Naomi and Sam try to become friends now that they've both moved on.
Recurring characters: Grant Show as Archer Montgomery and Brian Benben as Sheldon Wallace



Episode number: 15
Original air date: February 5, 2009
Plot: When Archer suffers a seizure, Naomi and Addison desperatly search for a cause and a cure and debate calling Derek for help, while Archer insists he doesn't want treatment so he can live his last days to the fullest. Cooper is left to take care of a seven year-old abandoned patient while Dell delivers his first baby and begins to question his abilities as a mid-wife. Violet tries to tell Pete and Sheldon about her pregnancy.
Recurring characters: Brian Benben as Sheldon Wallace and Grant Show as Archer Montgomery



Episode number: 16
Original air date: February 12, 2009
Plot: Addison helps Derek save the life of his pregnant patient and Derek's determination to save her to appease his worry that he caused her ailment puts the two at odds. Bailey and Naomi try to discovery why Sam had a sudden ashtma attack and, after his friends suggest it was caused by Naomi's closeness to Archer, he sets out to prove he is over his ex-wife. Cooper, Pete and Violet treat a manic new mother and Archer begins to suspect that his brain surgery didn't go as smoothly as believed.
Recurring characters: Justin Chambers as Alex Karev, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, James Pickens Jr. as Richard Webber, Eric Dane as Mark Sloan, Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, Stephen W. Bailey as Joe and Grant Show as Archer Montgomery


Wait And See

Episode number: 17
Original air date: February 19, 2009
Plot: The doctors of Oceanside Wellness heatedly debate the pros and cons of gender reassignment surgery when their patients' newborn child is born with both male and female sex organs. Meanwhile, Archer and Naomi grow closer but Addison has a crisis of conscience when she discovers that Archer is cheating on her. Violet and Sheldon settle some of their own issues when they co-lead a couples' therapy group. Charlotte runs out of patience with Cooper and makes a regretable descision.
Recurring characters: Brian Benben as Sheldon Wallace and Grant Show as Archer Montgomery



Episode number: 18
Original air date: March 12, 2009
Plot: Over the course of three months, Addison develops a flirtatious rapor with Noah Barnes, a cardio surgeron from St. Ambrose, while trying to maintain her patient's pregnancy. Sheldon and Pete push a reluctant Violet to get a paternity test to see which of them is the father of her unborn baby while Charlotte continues to push Cooper away in spite of their recent reconsilitation. Naomi avoids her own loneliness by throwing herself into helping Sam save his relationship with Sonya.
Recurring characters: Josh Hopkins as Noah Barnes, Amanda Detmer as Morgan Gellman and Brian Benben as Sheldon Wallace.


What Women Want

Episode number: 19
Original air date: March 19, 2009
Plot: After Addison discovers a mentally unstable pregnant patient has lost her baby and Violet is forced to make her accept what has happened while Addison tries to deny her increasing attraction to Noah. Sam tries to overcome his feelings for Naomi when she tries to 'sow her wild oats' while Cooper becomes unnerved when Violet and Charlotte form a strange friendship. When Betsey's mother is offered a promotion in St. Louis, Dell tries to fight to keep his daughter in his life.
Recurring characters: Josh Hopkins as Noah Barnes, Amanda Detmer as Morgan Gellman, Amanda Foreman as Katie Kent, Agnes Bruckner as Heather Parker and Hailey Sole as Betsey Parker


Do The Right Thing

Episode number: 20
Original air date: March 26, 2009
Plot: Addison struggles to fight her feelings for Noah when she discovers that his marriage was struggling before his wife became pregnant while Violet starts to feel jealous when she learns that Pete is dating a patient's mother. Cooper struggles with a patient's mother, who is allowing her twelve year old daughter to be sexually active and Sam has to take the stand during a malpractice trial for a colleague. Naomi grows concerned for Dell when Betsey's absence begins to take it's toll on him.
Recurring characters: Josh Hopkins as Noah Barnes and Amanda Detmer as Morgan Gellman


What You Do For Love

Episode number: 21
Original air date: April 23, 2009
Plot: Naomi is stunned when William White, the owner of Pacific Wellcare tries to recruit her to his practice as Sam begins to question his friendship with Naomi when it becomes clear she's hiding something. Addison and Noah are forced to work together on a pregnant patient with a dangerous heart condition. Pete's new relationship becomes complicated by Violet's pregnancy while Sheldon decides to take a stand about his feelings for Violet.
Recurring characters: Josh Hopkins as Noah Barnes, James Morrison as William White and Brian Benben as Sheldon Wallace


Yours, Mine & Ours

Episode number: 22
Original air date: April 30, 2009
Plot: Violet, Sheldon and Pete treat Katie Kent, a mentally unstable patient, and Violet is forced to make a choice between her two suitors while Katie's instability may pose an unexpected threat to her. Noah and Addison's situation becomes more complex whenhis wife goes into labour. Dell faces a crisis when Heather returns to town drugged out. Naomi debates whether a fresh start at Pacific Wellcare is what's best for her and Sam while Charlotte worries about her future employment.
Recurring characters: Josh Hopkins as Noah Barnes, Amanda Detmer as Morgan Gellman, James Morrison as William White, Amanda Foreman as Katie Kent, Agnes Bruckner as Heather Parker, Brian Benben as Sheldon Wallace and Hailey Sole as Betsey Parker