Stephanie Edwards

Portrayed by Jerrika Hinton

Episode Count
First Appearance
"Going, Going, Gone"
Grey's Anatomy, 9x01
Last Appearance
"I Feel The Earth Move"
Grey's Anatomy, 11x15
Stephanie Edwards
Steph, Hairball, Grumpy
Family Members
None Known
Dr. Stephanie Edwards is a surgical resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

Character HistoryEdit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 9Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 10Edit

Stephanie Edwards finds herself in a relationship with Jackson Avery. Throughout the season their relationship seems to be going well but during April's wedding to Matthew, Jackson stands up and reveals his love to April. He apologizes to Stephanie beforehand but she is hurt by it as she believed they were truly serious.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 11 Edit

Grey's Anatomy, Season 12Edit



Romantic LifeEdit

She has a romantic relationship with Dr. Jackson Avery. Dr. April Kepner set them up for Dr. Bailey's wedding. The two ended up sleeping together that night and had been together until April's wedding. Avery apologized to Stephanie before standing up and declaring his love for April. The night he married April, leaving Stephanie embarrassed. 

Stephanies last appearance was actually season 13 episode 24 


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