Teddy Altman

Portrayed by Kim Raver

Episode Count
First Appearance
"New History"
Grey's Anatomy, 6x09
Last Appearance
Grey's Anatomy, 8x24
Theodora Altman
Teddy, Desert Storm Barbie, G.I. Jane
MedCom, Chief of Staff
Surgeron, Cardiothoracic Attending
Ex US Army Surgeron
Family Members
Henry Burton - Husband
Allison Hunt (daughter with Owen Hunt)
Dr. Theodora "Teddy" Altman is a former surgical attending, specializing in cardiothoracic surgery, at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital

Character HistoryEdit

Teddy attended UT Southwestern and then completed her surgical residency at George Washington University Medical School followed by a fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Florida. She then attained an attending position at a hospital in Columbia, which she gave up after the death of her best friend during the collapse of the second tower during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Teddy then enlisted in the US Army as a medic and surgeron, where she met Owen Hunt. She and Owen completed one tour together in Baghdad. Teddy and Owen became very close, with most of their fellow soldiers seeing a romantic undercurrent between them, in spite of Owen's engagement to Beth Whitman. Teddy soon started to develop romantic feelings for Owen, as he did for her, and she believed that if he and Beth ever broke up then they would explore a relationship together. When Owen’s unit was killed, and he was stranded in the desert, Teddy was one of the first on the scene after being heavily involved in the search for him, further emphasising the feelings between the two. After her tour Teddy returned to civilisation and resumed practicing medicine.

Grey's Anatomy, Season 6Edit


Cristina begs Teddy not to leave Seattle. ("Blink")

Teddy came to Seattle Grace under a temporary contract and Owen bringing her, a cardio goddess, serves as a gift to his new girlfriend Cristina Yang. Cristina was initially skeptical of Teddy but soon grew to admire and respect has a mentor, something she'd longed for, but also grew suspicious of Teddy and Owen's friendship.


Teddy works with Owen, unaware that he told Derek not to hire her. ("Shiny Happy People")

Grey's Anatomy, Season 7Edit


Teddy offers to marry Henry, a patient without health insurance. ("Adrift And At Peace")


Teddy and Henry kiss. ("Unaccompanied Minor")

Grey's Anatomy, Season 8Edit



Romantic LifeEdit

Hooks up with Mark Sloan

Teddy meets a patient (Henry Burton) Unable to afford health insurance. She offers to marry him in order to be able to share the hospital health care, later falling in love with him.



  • Teddy's scrub cap has birds on, something which she chose after the death of a best friend who herself loved birds.
  • As discovered by Mark while they were dating, Teddy hates the word moist.