Valentine's Day Massacre

February 11, 2010
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"Valentine's Day Massacre" is the fourteenth episode of the sixth season of Grey's Anatomy and the 116th produced episode of the series. It is also the 160th produced episode of the Grey's Anatomy franchise. It was broadcast on February 11, 2010.

The doctors treat dozens of patients after a roof collapses at a popular romantic restaurant on Valentine's Day and they have to deal with the fallout. Derek and Meredith face their lives after reinventing themselves, Derek as the Chief and Meredith as a married woman. Mark and Callie team up to persuade Sloan to do the right things for her baby while Lexie makes a drastic change in her bid to put Mark behind her. Callie and Arizona push Bailey into pursuing a new love interest and Teddy tries to solve the tensions between her and Owen.



"The surgical scalpel is made of sterilized, carbonized stainless steel. This is a vast improvement over the first scalpel which was pretty much a sharp stick. Medicine is constantly reinventing itself, which means surgeons have to keep reinventing themselves too. There's constant pressure to adapt to changes. It can be a painful process but without it you'll find yourself moving backwards instead of forwards"
"We have to keep reinventing ourselves, almost every minute because the world can change in an instant. Sometimes they happen by accident and we make the most of them. We have to constantly come up with new ways to fix ourselves so we change, We adapt. We create new versions of ourselves. We just need to be sure that this one an improvement over the last."
- Meredith Grey


  • "The Magnificent Seven" - The Clash
  • "Shine Right Through" - Correatown
  • "In These Arms" - Swell Season
  • "Starring" - Freelance Whales
  • "Islands" - The XX

Title ReferenceEdit

This episodes' title references the song Valentine's Day Massacre, originally sung by The Red Shore